Pandora Launches China Pig New Year Series

This brilliant Pandora PANDORA Shine “collection of golden pig” string ornaments, displays the love and tradition through the happy happy pig year element design, carries the rich historical culture, selects the PANDORA Shine material to complete by hand, matches the bright red red enamel bow, fully symbolizes the golden pig blessing, symbolizes the source of wealth to roll.

To say the most popular word in 2018, “Koi” is definitely on the list. Koi carp has been regarded as an auspicious thing by the Chinese since ancient times. It implies that keeping money is not lost. Kangtai auspicious implies people’s yearning for a better life. At the same time, fish also contains a good expectation of the future “more than one year in a year”.

This brand-new Koi string decoration is carefully designed by Pandora. The koi, which symbolizes auspiciousness, will carry coins in a leaping posture. The red and white enamel decoration details are vivid and vivid. It is a good wish for prosperous fortune.

The circular square hole coin is the first unified currency in the history of China. The design inspiration of PANDORA Pandora’s string decoration of “wide financial resources” comes from the circular square hole coin of the ancients’view of the universe of “Tianyuan Place”. Inspired by Chinese traditional culture, the designer released the inner vitality of PANDORA Pandora coin string.

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