Pandora Jewelry and Disney will cooperate again

This season, Mickey’s 90th anniversary, Pandora Jewelry and Disney will work together again. Create exclusive Limited Edition Mickey’s 90th anniversary jewelry, classic and modern fashion collision, show your unique style. PANDORA, famous for its timeless classic bracelet, and animated image that has swept the world with its cheerful personality, extraordinary charm and far-reaching influence in history, will celebrate its 90th anniversary on November 18, 2018.

This exquisite series of ornaments is made of 925 silver of high quality, which outlines Mickey’s playful figure in his trademark jacket. The figures on the string symbolize that Mickey Mouse has been born since its 90th anniversary. The luxurious 14K gold makes it a treasure and a symbol of popular culture that never falls behind. Limited Mickey’s 90th anniversary decoration, to Mickey’s 90th anniversary of the song of praise. Mickey’s 90th anniversary jewelry can be paired with a beloved bracelet or a lovely necklace pendant. Express your love for Mickey Mouse with the special combination of children’s fun and show your unique style and true self.

It is reported that Pandora and Disney’s cooperation dates back to 2014, when Pandora and Walt Disney reached an agreement to design Disney theme jewelry, which is Pandora’s only cooperation series.