Jewelry brand PANDORA is officially stationed in Guofang Department Store of Yinchuan

Pandora’s bracelet, launched in 2000, has become popular, helping women achieve a remarkable effect among the crowd, allowing them to “design” their own jewelry and express their personality. The bracelet is made of high quality pure silver and 14k gold. It can be matched and exchanged with more than 700 kinds of gold and silver hanging cymbals. The optional hanging cymbals include a wide variety of gems, pearls, enamels and Murano glaze products.

Therefore, no matter the choice is simple heart shape, gorgeous gems, acronyms, teddy bears or other symbols, you can always get a distinct personality collocation effect and narrate your own personal story. This concept provides an excellent opportunity for consumers around the world to combine jewelry into personal stories in an innovative way to present important and unforgettable moments in life. This concept contributed to the brilliant success of Pandora’s interchangeable bracelets.

Today it has become Pandora’s basic rule and has been incorporated into the company’s other matching jewelry collections – rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Each product is handcrafted to maintain Pandora’s high quality standards. With the strong momentum of development in recent years, it has become the third largest jeweler in global sales and the largest manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry in the world.